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Hala z Andonem



The growing requirements of the market concerning the efficiency and quality of production necessitate the introduction of new solutions, optimizing the manufacturing process. An essential part of these solutions is Andon System. The term "andon" comes from Japanese and means "light signals". Andon System, which is part of the concept of lean production, allows you to increase your control over the production process, enhance the quality, streamlining employees and REGISTRATION & analysis of the events.

Our system allows you:

  • to report problems on the production bench
  • to recall the services to the position
  • control the speed of responsiveness and downtime
  • the collection and storage of information about the problems
  • analysis of the collected information
  • additional option is counting the production and calculate, for example performance indicators OEE

Problems on the post production may include for instance:

  • machine failure - Maintenance Service is called
  • the absence of components - the requested service - Logistics
  • qualitative problem - the requested service - Quality
  • Another problem - Foreman

Summon services may be carried out by:

  • messages displayed on the LED boards (or monitors) in the room services
  • voice messages via sound system
  • sms notifications
  • displaying windows dedicated to PC

ANDON system is characterized by:

  • reliability and simplicity of construction and assembly
  • qick adaptation to any changes - transmission of information shall take place mainly via radio
  • the ability to adapt to individual needs - we are designers and contractors of all system components
  • intuitive service and good visualization of events and information - already at the design stage, ergonomics system is taken into account

Main benefits of the implementation of our system, ANDON:

  • increase of productivity
  • streamlining services
  • improving the quality of the products
  • obtaining complete information about the time and reasons for downtime
  • improving the notification of individual departments
  • ability to analyze production problems
  • Optional: record production volume and performance indicators


Attention! There is a possibility of monthly rental ANDON simple system for testing purposes.

Presentation of our system ANDON: presentation

Attention! recommended software: Microsoft PowerPoint

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