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 Calling Forklift

Improving information about the lack of materials or having to pick up the products of production, often brings tangible results in the form of an increase in the level of production. Andon System developed by our company is based on radio communication. This solution enables mobile execution hail system of internal transport. This solution is implemented mostly on the forklift. System of summoning the transport can be installed in the production unit independently or be part of Andon System.

How does it work?

Terminals that can be used to summon the forklift are placed in production positions, where there is a need to summon transportation. On the forklifts there are installed terminals with LCD displays.

A call by a worker displays the name of the position in the forklift and the sound signal. The forklift operator can accept the call and then the call is deleted on the other forklifts (if the position is supported by more than one). Optionally, the LCD screen can display support position time and sort calls according to the time of service. Service position times are earlier defined and deducted down. After you have completed the manual position, the operator erases the REPORT. Forklift call system can be equipped with large LED boards placed on the forklifts’ routes.

Position terminal and forklift’s module.

terminal stanowiskowy   Moduł Wózka
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