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A general description of the operation of Andon.

Production positions are equipped with the radio terminals. Thanks to them, the employee, calls on the service, after the issue occurence. He has a choice of several buttons:

  • If there is a hardware failure – calls on Maintenance

  • If there is a lack of components – calls on Logistics

  • If there is a qualitative problem – calls on Quality

  • He may also call foreman or other previously defined service

Since then downtime and service response time are counted. The employee of requested service, accepts application on the terminal upon arrival at the position, then he solves problem. After its dissolution application shall be deleted. The entire cycle of reporting shall be recorded in a SQL database. Terminals can be equipped with a counter entries used for counting and determining the OEE performance factors.

ANDON system consists of the following elements:  

  • bench terminals

Bench terminals are used to report events and, optionally, counting production. The Terminal consists of a console button (buttons or touch sensors), the internal radio modem and the power supply. Optionally, you can connect to the console signaling column or small LED board.


Terminal    Terminal    Terminal    Terminal

  • LED boards

Boards shall inform the service about request from the production line and show the status of the notification. They can also display the processed information eg. the current level of production, references change and OEE factors. Depending on the accepted size of the font, boards shall be clearly legible from a distance of about 30 to 70 m.


TebSynoptyczna   Tablica   Tablica    Tablica

  • Monitors

Monitors meet the similar function as the LCD boards. Large monitors can be placed in service rooms or production hall. They can display in text mode or by using the appropriate software in graphics mode. Then the production hall map is displayed with the terminal location points and their status.


Monitor    Konweter    Ekran

  • Sound system

Sound system is an option for notification. It allows to upload voice messages. It can be installed in service rooms or production hall (when equipped with loudspeakers and an amplifier)


  • Software

Our AndonMonitor software is used to review the events on the production lines, read response times for applications and save downtime of the line. If the counting production function is implemented, you can save OEE the efficiency factors and monitor microdowntimes. The advantage of the software is also a data export to Excel to analysis


Ekran    Ekran    Ekran

AndonView software is used to visualize the state of the terminals and allows departments to react.



  • other optional components

SMS Module

Transmits voice messages or text messages to the services or supervisors if the downtime of the position is longer than the specified time



The system can also include large real-time clocks synchronized with NTP server.


Zegar    Zegar

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